Author: Wolfgang Hohlbein

Format: TV Series

The concept for this series was devised by Wolfgang Hohlbein, the leading author of mystery stories in the German language, with a total sales of 45 million books.


At first sight, the town of Crailsheim is just one of many tourist attractions on the River Rhine between Cologne and Coblenz. That appearances can be deceptive soon becomes evident to Joshua, a young businessman, when his partner lures him onto an island in the Rhine facing Crailsheim. His partner suddenly disappears, leaving Joshua alone and helpless in an old ruin. By chance, Joshua encounters Helen, a village girl, who agrees to help him out of his predicament. Joshua falls head over heels in love with her and the two of them decide to leave the village together. But try as they may, the couple are simply unable to escape from the village. Strange and inexplicable forces seem to be set against them, danger threatens them from all sides.

Joshua struggles to get to the bottom of the mystery, often enough putting his own life at risk. What he finally discovers is unbelievable: for time immemorial, Crailsheim has been the secret seat of a masterful dynasty, guardians of the wealth and the paths of communication linking powerful forces that are still active today. Members of the dynasty possess secret doctrines, a biological communication network and many other remarkable powers.

Our history evidently needs to be written anew: why did the Romans never manage to cross the Rhine? What happened to the legendary Nibelungen treasure? Who are the Heirs of the Templers ? Why is a half-timber house from the Rhineland to be found standing between New York’s skyscrapers?

And, one final question: what role does Helen in this fascinating mystery story?

STATUS: Development