The Caid/ The Card


by Claus Cornelius Fischer

Based on a novel by German bestseller author and scriptwriter Claus Cornelius Fischer


International TV-Movie

The Hadassah Clinic stands on a hill overlooking Jerusalem. This complex houses not only one of the most modern medical research and hospital care centres in the Middle East, its medical activities are also devoted to creating a better world. Patients are admitted irrespective of reputation or religion, gender or nationality. Hadassah demonstrates what peace means in the Middle East. The clinic is the focal point of a story depicting the clash of European and Middle-Eastern cultures.

Ben Ritter is a German journalist and a miserable failure. After an unaccomplished mission in an Arab country, he suddenly finds himself stranded in Jerusalem. He spends all his time in bars and is running out of money. One day, while sat in a tea-room, his attention is caught by a young Arab.  There is something about him that Ritter can’t define. Saad is about 17 years old and his smart, almost elegant appearance contrasts sharply with the unkempt Ritter, whom the young Palestinian initially regards with a mixture of contempt and curiosity.

Nevertheless, the two men do get acquainted and gradually form a sort of tentative friendship. They discover in one another precisely that quality they miss in themselves. Saad is head, or ‘Caid’ of a gang of petty criminals. In spite of his youth, he has the bearing of a natural, almost arrogant leader. In turn, Saad sees Ritter as a typical representative of a superior European way of life.

STATUS: Development