Der Athen-Krimi

Originaltitel: Der Athen-Krimi – Trojanische Pferde Erscheinungsjahr: 2016 Länge: 90 Minuten Regie: Marc Brummund Drehbuch: Claus Cornelius Fischer, Markus B. Altmeyer Produktion: Stefan Retzbach, Francis Fulton-Smith, Marc Schneider Handlung: Max Richter, ein deutscher Hauptkommissar, tritt seinen Dienst bei der Athener Polizei an. Familienbande – seine Mutter war Griechin und seine Schwester lebt in Athen – Read More


2015 Regie Marco Gadge Produzenten Mike Brandin /InOneMedia Marco Gadge/ Magenta Films Francis Fulton-Smith /Little Door Films ER & SIE lief auf 77 Festivals und hat 22 Preise gewonnen:   Preise Rhode Island International Film Festival – Best Shortfilm (YOUTH JURY AWARDS) 2nd Moosburger Kurzfilmnacht – Audience Award Shorts at Moonlight / Read More

The Caid/ The Card

Drama by Claus Cornelius Fischer Based on a novel by German bestseller author and scriptwriter Claus Cornelius Fischer Pitch: International TV-Movie The Hadassah Clinic stands on a hill overlooking Jerusalem. This complex houses not only one of the most modern medical research and hospital care centres in the Middle East, its medical activities are also devoted Read More


Author: Wolfgang Hohlbein Format: TV Series The concept for this series was devised by Wolfgang Hohlbein, the leading author of mystery stories in the German language, with a total sales of 45 million books. Content: At first sight, the town of Crailsheim is just one of many tourist attractions on the River Rhine between Cologne and Read More

Not Close Enough

Robert Capa & Gerta Taro Format: Cinema/ CoPro International Robert Capa is one of the most famous photographers oft he world. His picture of “the falling soldier” ‑taken 1936 during the Spanish Civil War ‑has become an icon of photography. The exiled native Hungarian was close friend to Gerda Taro who worked equally as a Read More

Kantate der Liebe …

Konzept für einen Film von Dr. Klaus-Rüdiger Mai Setting: In der Familienbiographie der Bachs von Klaus-Rüdiger Mai, die bereits als Standardwerk gilt, gelang es dem Autor die entscheidende Zeit in Lüneburg, die bis jetzt weitgehend im Dunkeln lag, aufzuhellen – eine Zeit, in der sich Johann Sebastian Bach gegen ein Studium und für die Musik Read More

Tau des Todes

Thriller Autor: Lorenz Stassen Format: TV 90 Min. Logline: . Life in the North Sea Wiped Out – for the next Hundred Years!   This could become a real news headline.  The danger is imminent. Thousands of tons of munition and poisonous gas  lie on the ocean bed in corroding containers. After the two World Wars, huge Read More

Halfway (OT)

Stef (mid-thirties) is a talented architect, but after starting an affair with an assistant, he is fired by his employer, the father of his wife Nathalie. Stef  leaves the house and buys himself a luxury villa. After moving in, he aims to wind up a project he had started together with his assistant. Looking round Read More